Latham Clear Skin & Laser Center (formerly Circadia Complete) was created in 2006 by partners Michelle D’Allaird and Randy Brenner to fulfill a growing need in the skin care industry. That need was honest product representation backed by advanced education and out of the box thinking.

Over the past several years, there has been a shift from the ‘Fluff & Buff’ facial to the consumers need and demand for effective skin treatments that yield results – both physical and visible.

Combining Michelle’s expertise in skin and product knowledge, proven teaching techniques, passion and vast worldwide experience both in education and lecturing along with Randy’s formulating and chemistry background made this a winning venture.

Latham Clear Skin & Laser Center takes great pride in customer service. Our sales associates and support personnel are just a phone call away when you need real-time advice about products, equipment or treatment results. You will be helped by licensed estheticians who are trained to provide technical support for services as well as our products.